Our unique choice of second-hand machines is based on our company's philosophy:
we are always close to the market needs.

COILTEC is your first address for profitable re-use of manufacturing equipment in case
of reduction in over-capacities.

COILTEC-Service provides not only sales opportunities for second-hand machines but
also includes the purchase of your equipment on stock. We have continuous
requirements for equipment in all our service areas.

We not only make economical offers to buy, but also are able to increase your capacity
by taking over the complete disassembly of your equipment.

Currently we are looking for:

cut-to-length line 2.000 x 10 mm
cut-to-length line 2.000 x 6 mm
cut-to-length line 1.650 x 3 mm

slitting line 1.600 x 6 mm
slitting line 1.600 x 4 mm
slitting line 1.600 x 3 mm
slitting line 300 x 0,5 mm

4 hi cold rolling mill
300 - 400 t rolling force
work roll diameter 120 - 150 mm
backup roll diameter 450 - 500 mm
barrel length 400 - 500 mm
speed max. 30 m/min